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Mandy is a graphic designer with diverse professional experience in Los Angeles and Taipei, who has completed her master's in Graphic Design at the Otis College of Art and Design. Currently a member of TPadd assoc based in Taipei.

Mandy is specialized in logo design, publication, design thinking and critical thinking. She participated several projects, design sprints, exhibitions and speculations; play an important role with her leadership. She is specifically comprehensive.

She commits with science and natural spirit. She is also a dreamer, a storyteller, and an observer. She is loving and empathetic; searching the meaning of life by observing the amazing creatures and the power of nature and trying to deliver and express her learning through practicing art and design, as her worship to the mother nature.

Her vision is to bring well-being to the public, elevates comprehension and empathy; her mission is to practice design thinking to everyday life and influence the non-designers.

In 2020, Facebook page 'Mandy Yang Design' was established. (Link with Icon below).




曼迪專長於商標設計,出版品,設計思考,設計批判性思維. 參加多種設計計畫,設計敏捷方法,成品展出,思辨設計; 在任務中發揮領導能力及扮演重要角色。尤其擅長全面性思考。



2020年成立 Facebook 粉絲頁 Mandy Yang Design (下方有連結)。

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